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All I gotta say is thats some %^ up *&^@ right there that is.....

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I for the most part thought this movie was pretty boring, the only interesting part is the last 10 mintues when she is torturing the guy.

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boring compared to other j-horror films, but the build up made the torture scene even better

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good movie... torture could have been more intense... the puke thing was just gross though

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I really enjoyed Audition,but I think Takashi Miike did much better with Ichi The Killer,VisitorQ ( talk about the ULTIMATE DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY!!)and the newly released Imprint.

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This movie creeped me out more than anything else because you just slowly watch her reveal just how completely messed up she is. As for that little schoolgirl look and that giggle when she's cutting that guy up....EEK!

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The absoutle best movie ever and it is jacked up.

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This was the first asian horror film i ever saw and i fell in love with asian horror movies after that . I really enjoyed Audition to me it was very good

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Bravo got it right as to which scene REALLY is the best...

"I'll call you"

Next time we see her, she's in her room, with that bag behind her, just staring intently at the phone. Dear lord.

Then the bag moves.

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The sad thing is that i have this movie but havent even say down to watch it yet. Ive heard its a great movie and then ive heard its not....hmmmmmm

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I have not seen the film yet but will do so sometime soon. It sounded interesting at least.


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