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All I gotta say is thats some %^ up *&^@ right there that is.....

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For the most part, I'm very particular with Asian Cinema. I tend to enjoy what's coming out of China more than Japan as far as recent films go. Since I'd recently sat through Ichi the Killer and found it terribly tedious, my hopes weren't that high for Audition.

I'm pleased to say that Audition was excellent and next paycheck I'll be picking it up.

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I was let down

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This is my favorite Takashi Miike film, a mind fuck film that will twist and just throwing the punches!

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This Movie is insane this is why i screen my dates cause you'll never know if there really is a woman like that in exsistence

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Definitely a good movie. The build up to the last 15 minutes is just what the movie needed, I think. If they just gave it to you at the beginning, it ruins just how messed up she really is.

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I really liked this film.

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I was letdown too

By what I read about it I thought it would be much more extreme but it was a lot better than half the crap i've seen lately.

Regardless, Takashi Miike is still amazing.

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Easily the best Asian horror movie.

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I love the director in general, so I'll try not to be biased. The slow build won't be for everyone. I actually wasn't nearly as uncomfortable as friends told me I would be upon viewing the ending. BUT. I love the film, the characters, and the setting. It's very realistic, and brutal. This is in my list of top five asian horror films for sure.

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I for the most part thought this movie was pretty boring, the only interesting part is the last 10 mintues when she is torturing the guy.

I agree


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