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If you haven't seen this one you should.

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Surprised to see no comments about this awsome movie. In my opinion one of the best serial killer savage bloody movies with dismemberments.

If you have not seen this movie see it. The region 1 DVD is also dubbed in English so you dont have to read subtitles.

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i liked this one... the gore was very realistic!

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Interesting. Tell me more!

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looks like I'll have to find this one

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Okay, not a lot of helpful info so far. What is the storyline? What else have the filmmakers done? How gorey is it?

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Gotcha covered, 'Deuce. There are bodies showing up around Seoul, but each one has different body parts attached (one victim's legs on another, etc). Come to find out, each of the victims was involved romantically with one woman, and the cops on the case are worried that she's now in danger. Pretty standard cat-and-mouse thriller fare, in my opinion, and the ending surprise felt pretty forced. Don't expect a "horror" film, despite some pretty gruesome crime scenes. I'd say it's worth a look. But walk, don't run.

And so far as I could find in a brief search, the director (Chang Youn-hyun) did 2 others: Some and Cheob-sok (The Contact). Han Suk-gyu (lead cop) has a whole list of Korean films on imdb.

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Ah, something useful at last. Thanks, Wog.

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I have seen this film and think it is very good. I love watching Japanese or South-Korean horror, crime films.

I think more people should watch this film because it is great.

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