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right now, i'd have to go with chan-wook park's vengeance trilogy. (lady vengeance, sympathy for mr. vengeance, & oldboy.)

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I like them all just not the american the eye it sucked soooooo much

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it was hard for me to dislike the eye remake because it was well made & a direct ripoff, i would say it was totally pointless though, its a shame people are to ignorant to watch subtitled films...................

the original is one of my favourite filmsCool

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Lol I love movies with subtitles. They are just better to me.  I don't mind reading while I'm a movie

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cool to know there are other world cinema fans on fear ....................... there is a few of us but not many!

if you are on facebook you should join my sisters world cinema horror page! am never on facebook but her page is very active & is conected to alot of great horror pages like hells closet

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lol..i feel the same i HATE dubbed fliks...u loose emotions....i much rather read a lil....

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my lil bro is on fb how do i get to her pg? ill tell him to sign on..hes a horror noob...but eager to learn...sorry idk shit about navigating fb

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It sucked i couldnt find a subtitled version of Oldboy. All of em were dubbed so i had to watch it like that. That made all the torture scenes less real.

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those are more revenge films than horror, they are still good none the less.

my favorite would have to be dumplings, strange circus, sick nurses, and thirst. 


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