Infection(movie discussion)

Infection(movie discussion)

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I LOVED INFECTION.i thought the movie was great.allway entertaining.the only thing was it waas only scary the first time I saw it.then you just can't help but laugh at certain.I guess because maybe I don't understand the language and the subtitles just aren't workin for me.but that old lady made me laugh the hardest.lmao.she was out her damn mind.and that old doctor that would just appear everywhere and be a bitch.i was like ,"my man need to tan."so anyone else here see it?

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Now THIS was scary, and fun, not at like a lot of other ghost films I've been getting which are hardly scary and just depressing. So, WAS there anything really happening?

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Yeah, I loved this. This movie got me into watching more Asian Horror movies.

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it took me a while to figure out that the green stuff was blood..

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this movie was scary

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