Suicide Club

Suicide Club

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Not your typical horror movie, although it is kind of disturbing to watch a bunch of school girls jump in front a train...

Anyone else seen it? Good stuff.

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That was a cool movie,kinda weird though. I didn't understand what was going on a few parts of it. It did have cool scenes though. Those damned Desert songs kept getting stuck in my head too. Freakin' Mail Me. I almost wanted that ringtone on my phone! I like those reels of skin. brutal.

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one of my favorite movies

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A very deep film. The director intends to answer some of the questions with the sequel, which has been in the works for years now.

BTW, notice for a second all the variable spellings for the band, and think about what they could mean in Engrish: Dessret: Death Threat. Dessart: Death Art. Etc.

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whatever they used for blood they used a LOT of it... I wanna see the prequel; annoko's dinner table. (or something like that).

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yea that is crazy when they jump in front of the train

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Another movie that opened the door for me as far as watching Asian horror. After seeing this, Versus, and Battle Royale, I was hooked

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This movie gave me a headache. I didn't get any of it. It was a really cool idea but it just didn't make sense. The manga that was based on the movie was a lot better, and made a lot more sense. I definitely suggest giving it a read if you can find it.

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this one is tough to rate. while your watching it, you like "wut the fuck is going on?" meanwhile, there are sposed to be about 4 more of these for the story to make sense. i heard you can really view that website though...kinda creepy

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I was just reading up on this on Netflix. Is it really worth getting?


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