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Who's the real bad ass??

My money's on Kong!!

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But Kong can't breath atomic fire or regenerate himself at rapid speed. He's just a big ape.

...At least you didn't try to argue the fallicy that the film has two endings...

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No contest Godzilla. Go Go Godzilla!!!!!

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kong is an american classic,but the big g will fry his hairy but.

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king kong would pound that lizard

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kong is an american classic,but the big g will fry his hairy but.

True, unless he fights the american version of Godzilla!

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the king

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Godzilla Is toally gonna kick butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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According to what I have read and heard from various folks in the film industry they actually made 2 versions of this movie. They made one where Godzilla is the winner of the fight for the Japanese audiences and one where Kong is the winner for American audiences. Apparently they thought it would make for good ticket sales on both sides of the ocean.

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Godzilla is not named king of all monsters for no reason dummies!!!

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Although I like them both, Godzilla is the best. Just check out how many times he's died and keeps coming back. He can't be beat.


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