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Man,I think I've seen almost every Godzilla movie ever made!! I just realized I've been an Asian movie fan for many, many years!! These films are priceless.

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i don't think godzilla would be considered horror

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Grew up on the Big-G and love all of the films, loved the recent but not last, I hope, Godzilla: Final Wars.

Some of my all-time favs:

Godzilla vs. Monster Zero

Godzilla vs. Biollante

King Kong vs. Godzilla

Godzilla vs. MechaGodzilla (original)

Godzilla vs. Mothra (original)

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anyone who thinks that godzilla isn't horror hasn't seen the original uncut Japanese version. The creature is a hulking tower of white hot atomic death. There's a scene cut from the american release wherein a widow and her children come out into the streets knowing that the big G is coming, saying "It's all right, children. Soon we'll be with daddy..."

And Goji leaves atomic shadow imprints in his wake in the japanese version.

Not a lot of other Godzilla movies really capture the monsterous nature of the king. Perhaps Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidora: All Out Monsters Attack!

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Godzilla Returns! and Godzilla vs, Mothra are aslo going to be coming out in the same kind of special edition as Gojira. I hope they do the whole series. And the original was DEFINATELY a horror movie, about the horrors of nuclear war. And then it starting going downhill. LOVED FInals Wars and how he kicked the American Godzilla's behind without any problem whasoever.

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Since I don't know how to delete a double post, I'm just gonna put this text here. 8-)

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Loved the original Godzilla films but didn't like the way they degenerated into kiddy shows. I like the new reenergized Godzilla films and think that they're worth watching if you liked the originals.

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i agree godzilla isnt horror its more of a scifi

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the big G is awesome but monster movies yes horror not really.the movies from the 60sto bout 74 where great the end of the 70s they got to lame still fun to watch but lame.the 80 revamped the franchise and with few since 2000 they have been good.

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its a cool movie

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