Battle Royale/Battle Royale 2.

Battle Royale/Battle Royale 2.

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I like Battle Royale 1 but, didn't really care for 2. But, what I didn't understand if the kids were in 9th or 7th grade. At one point in the movie they said they were in 7th then by the end they said they were in 9th. Maybe I heard it wrong

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Battle Royale is one of my favourites, all the entertaining ways they are killed is pretty cool.  Really cool concept.

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I just saw this shit a few weeks ago. I saw both of em. But the 1st one was AWESOME!! Watchin the kids killin each other off. SWEET!! I hate most subtitled movies, but this one was way AWESOME!

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I personally loved BR (at least the first one (I haven't seen the 2nd). Even though it could have been a little faster at some points and have more blood at others, it was an enjoyable experience for me.

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dont you understand????? to be the last one standing? come on..put yourself in a fairly large group of people...look around...get to know them somewhat...then think about your life...are you a survivor?  if you are you realize that all these other people are gunna have to die so you can live.  And if you are a martyr?  You better not be afraid to die...because you will.  And it wont fuckin be pretty. 

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I thought the 1st one was great! I liked that some of them were absolutely ready to survive ad therefor great a killing almost everyone else. It's a good movie, a good concept, its the 2nd one thats overly cheesey.


Battle Royale was good but nothing special. Good concept but someone could probably remake it better. I know generally remakes suck but again, the first movie wasnt ALL THAT.

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The first movie was very enjoyable, the sequel not so much.  If i remember correctly, the director of the first film passed away and his son directed the second. I could be off on that don't crucify me.  The second film is not that good, but i own it (i have the korean box set of the two films, because it was the only set i could find that had english subtitles for both). 

There is a US remake in the works, but i don't know much about it other than New Line (i think) is the studio that is working on it.

Ultimately what we get will be watered down don't you think? We got Kick Ass this year, but a studio didn't fund it, so a 'kids killing kids' film would be a hard sell in the studio meetiing.


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battle royale is one of the best films i have ever seen & its good to see Chiaki Kuriyama in it, shame part 2 was no where near as good!battle.jpg


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