Horror anime

Horror anime

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This is a good challenge because there isnt alot of horror anime out there....so lets try to make a big list....

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My favorites:

GANTZ- this is a series-Strangers are snatched at the moment of their death by an entity that pits them against horrible monsters and deities. If you live you live. Usually you die. Horribly.

Hellsing-series-Vampire linked to an ancient family of much powe. The vampire vanquishes the enemy for said ancient family.

Elfen Lied-series- Strange science project woman can kill with her mind and body. Just as she about to be terminated, she escapes, killing everyone in her way. She passes out on the beach loses her memory (can't remember how) and is rescued by a brother and sister that take her in. Mysteriously, people begin showing up dead.

I own alll of them. They are great.


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I'm surprised that nobody has mentioned "Memories" yet. That anime from Katsuhiro Otomo consisting of three short films which were suprisingly good. In my opinion anyway.

The first story "Magnetic Rose" is about a small salvage crew in space that discovers a haunted space station.

The second story "Stink Bomb" is about a normal guy who accidentally takes an experimental pill, becoming highly toxic.

The third story "Cannon Fodder" is about the daily life of soldiers who, every day, fire large cannons at an unknown enemy.


"Gantz" is also my all-time favorite. Although the manga has been taking some very strange twists lately.

"Death Note" I don't know if you would count it or not. But it is pretty interesting.

"Perfect Blue" a psychological horror film about a pop idol falling into madness.

"Monster" another psychological horror show. About a doctor who saves a man's life only to have people around him die, furthering his career.

"Paprika" that strange and twisted film about dream detectives. Strange things happen in people's heads.

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highschool of the dead is pretty cool, just a lil bit to much fanservice


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