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its an ok movie

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LOVED THE BATTLE ROYALE MOVIE, MANGA SERIES AND NOVEL! Hated the sequel! This is another movie that is NOW getting an American remake. How are they gonna fix THIS for American viewing?

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Oh man....I LOVE BATTLE ROYALE! I never went as far as the Manga's and stuff, but I have been looking for'em.

The sequel did suck because it killed what the first had, GREAT PACE! Where the 2nd one had several long, drawn out sappy scenes, followed by more of Sappy scenes, The 1st was brillantly cut to have a all the Long drawn out emotional scenes to be Sandwiched between Violence. This alone made the movie great, because you never got bored.

Also, the first one was Merciless! It killed damn near every kid, where as the sequel let quite a few Survive. The sequel is more like a Normal Movie, where as the Original is....something else...But Something I LOVE!

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Battle Royal was an amzaing movie and i havent seen the mangas but after hearing about them on here i think im gonna have to look for them and i didnt see the sequel either but i guess i dont have to now so thanks for saving me the trouble if it sucked as much as you guys say

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I haven't seen it yet I am really going to look into it though that way I can watch it... I am excited about watching it... interesting...XD

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awesome movie sadly theres going to be a remake in 2008

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seen the 1st didnt know there was a 2nd, bloody awsome movie, 1of BEAT Takeshi best films

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BR was a great film, loved the psychotic teacher. Good action great villians. BR2 was a let down, most of the kids did not last long enough to even play a decent part or add to the movie. I did like the teacher in this one as well, he was just over the top.

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Very well orchestrated movie, involving well controlled chaos - as oxymoronic as that may sound.

Takeshi Kitano was absolutely brilliant. He definitely holds a great amount of presence, constantly stealing the attention from everyone else effortlessly.

I wish it had been a little more gorey but that just may be me. Granted, I know there's a limit to how much gore one should show before it just becomes gratuitous, but I still wouldn't mind more, especially since Asian films have a knack for that.

Any suggestions on other Asian films for those who thoroughly enjoyed Battle Royals?

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i loved BR! i thought the idea of the movie was original. and lots of blood which is always good. someone said they're remaking it?? that sucks! theyre gonna ruin it. but apparently its become pretty popular cos i saw that you could buy the box set at hot topic which just makes me shudder. i guess i shoulda seen a remake coming...


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