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I recently saw Reincarnation and I really liked it. I am pretty new to j-horror but it really scared me! It was a little slow in the beginning but there was a twist in it and I thought the doll was really creepy! What did you guys think about it?

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I haven't seen it yet,but alot of Asian horror starts out slow.Glad you liked it.

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it was real good i seen it. its the new j-horror

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I didn't really like it because I never got scarred. But that doll at the end was creepy.

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i just got it and its awsome that friggin doll creeped me out

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movie did not impress me. plus i dont like reading my movies.

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NO NO NO GOOD ASIAN HORROR MOVIES !!!!!!!!!!! The best is old black and white 60's The American 70's-80's I think R the best.. The old Drive in B movies

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This was a fun movie. I feel the climax needed some more punch - People just dropping dead isnt really scary, but the whole movie is a creepy puzzle that's fun to pick through. Asian horror often focuses on young women, but the twist in this one is unexpected and unique. Totally worth the watching (and reading for you lazy bums).

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I really dug "Reincarnation." I think Shimizu-san really needed to deviate from "The Grudge" series again (the first time being for the quick making of "Marebito," which also produced wonderfully macabre results).

"Reincarnation" had a really creepy atmosphere. There are a few frightening moments, but man, that atmosphere really made the film for me.

The whole deal with different time periods and transitioning from past to present to future to past again was a nice touch.

The partial absence of the typical "J-Horror" cliches and archetypes was also a plus for me. I'm glad to see Shimizu-san continuing to show off his talents in creating suspense and disturbing imagery, which is what makes the "Ju-On" films stand out from the rest of the J-Horror bunch.

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I enjoyed watching this movie verryyy much. I thought most of the horrorfest movies sucked, but this one stuck out to me.Takashi Shimizu did an excellent job( he always does).It didnt really scare me all that much but i definitly got creeped out and jumped at one or two parts.

So if your looking to see how this movie is, definitly rent it :

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i loved this movie so much

i am a big fan of asian horror and i was once again amazed by the wonderful work of Takashi Shimizu


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