Do you like the movie Reincarnation?

Do you like the movie Reincarnation?

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Why or why not.

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you & me will throw ideas back & fourth for a long time to come & peeps like yourself & moon have shown me fuckin shit loads of films & leads BUT i would like you to research some wet haired ghost stuff lol! just to understand where that shit comes from............. i dont care if you like the films or not but i do care about your opinion once you have done some reserch

i carnt turn you into a lover of these films BUT i need you to understand the consepts & i dont think you have given them a fair shake

i am in no way being a dick to you BUT i think you are missing the point?

cya round fear boss!

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damn all these cool movies and I don't have the time to watch them what a bummer! Maybe on my vacation I can catch up with some movies. If you think about it reincarnation, coming back to something else or someone else would be pretty freaky. I myself haven't seen this yet but in the future I hope to. If you are to be reincarnated what would you want to be or who would you want to be.


I know what you are saying K. I HAVE seen one or two of the mainstream but got bored. I dont get any thrills from torture movies without a significant plot. I watched the original RINGU and Ju-On and didnt see anything I was interested in. I know that one of the spirits that look kinda like the wet haired chicks are Harionago which have barbed hair but that is a more violent ghost but again, the Asian films I have seen dont show much. One second theres the ghost, the next theres the shit pile that was the victim. I dont know. Maybe the plots havent been all that. Or I have watched the wrong ones. Most westerners werent brought up with the same fears as other cultures and vice versa. Im not arguing with you, Im agreeing, but as such, Im not entertained.

Its like ZOMBIES. By and large many cultures have something "zombie" but the traditional movie zombie had its start via the Caribbean/African voodoo beliefs. This also was another culture. In movies infancy, it was creepy cause THEY WERE DEAD. But all they could do was strangle people or do what ANY person can do to kill you. Thats why Romero upped the FEAR factor by making them bite/eat/infect.

I can enjoy and appreciate their other non horror works. They have a t.v. series, or had, based on a successful book that I managed to get English translations of, called THE MASTER ASSASSIN. NOT some fancy, westernized ninja crap but about an Acupuncturist, a doctor, who is also a killer. For many westerners these are tedious stories cause they build up character and do some great portrayal of historical times (takes place in the past). LOVE these insights into life and behavior in ancient Japan. I dont get that from the horror.

Doesnt help that ghost stories IN GENERAL dont fascinate me.

Forget the Asian torture porn. They dont disturb me, just dont interest me.

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yea i see your point, the only reason i know quite alot is because i took a instant shine to the ghost storys so i have spent  hours reading up on Asian culture & ghosts i wouldnt have bothered otherwise

that would be like tasting something you dont like then teaching yourself how to cook it LOL

Well we still have a shit load of other horror to discuss

its a pitty you carnt find that film "confessions" now that is a film that i can guarantee satisfaction & there is a cool film called chaser that has similaritys to i saw the devil, but less violent


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