more on asian horror

more on asian horror

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still asian horror, but maybe someone has actually watched some

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watched the Eye 3. slow start, some good bits, but I expected better from the Pang bros

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I went on a small Asian cinema bender this weekend. Out of the stack of movies I watched, here are some that I would recommend.

"Save The Green Planet" a 2003 Scifi/Horror/Black Comedy from South Korea. During the whole film I didn't know if I should laugh or be completely disgusted. But it is an interesting movie. About a guy who is positive that aliens are secretly destroying the world. Since he is the only one who knows this, he must stop it. So, he kidnaps the ceo of a company (thinking he is an alien).

"R-Point" a war/supernatural film from South Korea. The ending could have used a little work but overall a very good film about a lost Korean unit in Vietnam that ends up at a cursed outpost. Once there, they are plagued by supernatural events.

"Witchboard" A supernatural horror film also from South Korea about three girls who are bullied at school. They write the names of the girls that harrass them on a piece of paper and try to contact a spirit using a ouija board of sorts. Afterward, the people on the list start dying violently. It's not a groundbreaking storyline or anything but very well done.

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