Audition,One Missed Call 12, and Witchbord

Audition,One Missed Call 12, and Witchbord

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ok for one i loved all 4 movies but when i saw the american verison of one missed call i was very disaponted it was like the orignal one but it wasnt as intense and scary if the make the sequel i think that it will butcher the movies since the sequal is ok but not that great but in all these are so great

i recomend all 4 so what did you guys think?

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I own Audition. I love Takashi Miike's stuff. One you might want to check out is MPD pyscho. That one is really mind twisting.

Audition is really good. The first time I watched it I was kinda confused on the lapses back into her past. I think it makes a little more sense the second time around. Everytime I get to the end I somehow expect a different ending. Have no real reason for it really.

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i just saw witchboard. It was pretty cool but just a little confusing.

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i just saw witchboard. It was pretty cool but just a little confusing.

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I haven't gotten the chance to see Audition though I'd really like to asap. I did however think that the Asian horror of One Missed Call was good, the sequel was... so so. I really did enjoy Witchboard though I thought the story was really sad.

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I've seen all of these. My favorite would be Audition, since the last part is pretty twisted. I liked One Missed Call, but not the second on so much. The ending kinda confused me. Witchboard was ok. If you want to see a good series, check out the Vengence trilogy, or the 3 Extremes, they are both pretty good. Especially Old Boy.

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thanks zombiebat ill look into them X3 i ned some good horror movies me collection is dying

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isnt that always the case

ringu series was horrifying lol

the american versions were good but they practically changed the story!!

its all about the special effect though hollywood does it great but theres nothing better that the old school effects minimal makeup and weird fast/slow paced jerk of a long haired nailless vengful girl huh

....anywho im totally cosigning with you originals are the best!

im definately going to check out witchboard


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That's why I love Asian horror.  It's more about story and atmosphere as opposed to CGI.  I don't want to necessarily say subtlety because Audition was VERY in your face, once the girl's true nature came out, as was Oldboy (I'm still creeped out over that flick).  I've hated most American versions of Asian horror so I stopped watching them.  The Ring did get me interested in checking out the original Asian movies - the movie scared the crap out of me.  But beyond that, I will always check out the Asian originals first.

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i watch a LOT of horror. the real sick stuff. audition is among my favorite (along with last house on the left, TCM 74, i spit on your grave, etc.).


that was one sick movie. the cool thing doesnt seem like its gonna go anywhere, and then way at the end, they unleash that last 15 minutes or foot itches just thinking about it...*shudders*



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Can't beat the torture scene at the end of Audition


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