What about Silk?

What about Silk?

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Heard about a film called Silk. Wnat to see/buy it, but need some insider info! Thanks.

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This was a pretty good movie, have seen better, have seen worse. The plot was good but perdictable. I would recomend it perhaps only as a rental. If your a fan of asian horror you should see it. If your not to familiar with asian films and culture it may be harder to understand.

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I thought it was very interesting idea in it. I'm also a huge Asian movie fan and love the culture so I might be a bit biased towards their movies since I love most of them (just about anything from Tartan Asia Extreme is a must see on my list) Like he said, if your into Asian horror, definantly see it, though like most asian movies, watching it twice might be required to understand it all and make sure you didn't miss something.

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This was a surprisingly good movie. I definitely recommend it.

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