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I read about this in a book on Lovecraft inspired horror and am currently trying to track down a copy. Is it worth the effort?

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I rented the movie on netflix. it is seriously strange. Uzimaki means,"vortex" and strange things happen to the people of the village. I would rent it NOT buy it.


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I purchased it. I liked it because it was odd. I think it would be worth a viewing.

Do you have a Hasting's near you?

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I'll get it off netflix if they have it once I sign up again, thanks.

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what did you hear about this movie that makes you want to watch it. I haven't heard of it so I am just curious.

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yeah i had that movie and it is strange, the guy (people) turning into a slug, and the way thing twist up. i also like the way you can see the spirals appear out of nowhere, it kept me looking in the background for things that i might of missed.

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This is a great movie, very unique....

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