The Locker

The Locker

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I tried watching this movie on a free site ( but it only had 30 minutes of the movie. So i was wondering if its actually worth finishing. I was kind of bored, but at the same time it was really crappy picture.


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I saw The Locker a couple of years ago- I may have even seen The Locker 2??? It was my first Asian horror movie and at the time I thought it was really good. Seeing it now, I'm not sure what I would think.

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I saw both The Locker and The Locker 2 and I loved the first one. The second wasn't the greatest. But I consider The Locker worth watching. I think you can get both on Netflix.

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Hm, I haven't heard of this one. The Locker? What's it about? I hope it's not another fake gory asian movie, haha.

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