Session 9

Session 9

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Hi there:

Hey has anyone ever seen Session 9? Most people I talk to have never even heard of it. It wasn't out in the theaters that long, but it is excellent. Creepy as hell!!

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pretty good movie !

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Too bad Danvers has been demolished, it would have been nice to go there!!!!

Movie was awesome, have watched it a hundred times!!!

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Was surprised how good t really was. Creepy by far, and asbestos alone is a killer so death was all around hahaha

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this movie was scary

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Creepy as HELL movie! I read that some millionare bought up Waverly Hills and is turning it into apartment buildings. anyone else think thats an INCREDIBLY stupid idea??

I agree...Creepy movie. I live right near Danvers but havent heard about it being turned into apts. Ill have to look into it now.

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yeah, they are gonna be condo's or something there. The main building is being renovated and everything else will be gone. Bet thoses condo's will be haunted!!!!

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Loved it movie definately creepy

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I have the DVD and have watched it several times. I love this movie. My Husband and I just went to Waverly Hills (an abandoned TB hospital) in Louisville KY last week for a paranormal tour and it reminded me of Session 9. He kept saying "what are you doing here?" Great movie.

We are from Kentucky. When we were in high school, the thing to do was to drive to Waverly, climb the fence, out run the dogs, and go explore the place. We have never had been on the tour.

If you make a trip out there, don't go during the month of April or first week of May. The Derby is during that time and every thing is more expensive.

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Oh, also, the movie Death Tunnel was filmed at Waverly.

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cool movie


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