Session 9

Session 9

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Hi there:

Hey has anyone ever seen Session 9? Most people I talk to have never even heard of it. It wasn't out in the theaters that long, but it is excellent. Creepy as hell!!

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Yeah I watched it..with Cee she is a ghost/possession movie type lover..the movie itself ain't half bad..the killings and the ghost possession is done right..there's the eerie parts...people missing..real dark dank places...people hidding..long assed hallway shots..creepy sounds..Ya got to remember..I normaly don't do ghost stuff...but all in all..good b-grade flick...check it out..the worst that can happen is you have a good watch..relax..and forget about the shed for 90

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Lol, yeah. I'll check it out later tonight with the wife if she doesn't already have plans for the TV. If not tonight tomorrow.


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yes this movie is awesome, it was taped in Danvers Mental Hospital which is now demolished  so that condos can be built.


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