Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark

Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark

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Ok this film had some good monsters in it!! Really scary watching them stalk Kim Darby,and NO ONE BELEIVED HER! Anyone else who started flipping their lights back on to see if the monsters were there!!! A must see if you haven't yet.

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For those who've never seen Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, you can pick it up on a kool Japanese dvd along with another great 70s flic Gargoyles.

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I look up Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark and it said-Region Code: 2. Will that work on my dvd player with the location-USA.

Thank you

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I almost got it except for the fact that most American bought machines won't play region 2 movies without a mod. Sucky. And yeah, it IS lame, but for me it's nostalgic.

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I've heard that disc is a bootleg as well. but it is the only other way to DBAOTD anymore unless you buy a bootleg from a guy at a convention or something.

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