Early 80s Horror Movie

Early 80s Horror Movie

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Just Before Dawn, The Island, Silent Scream. Anyone wlse remember others

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A Nightmare on Elm Street

Friday the 13th


Love them!!

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There were so many people that got their start in the horror movies then; Johnny Depp, Kevin Bacon(even though I think Friday the 13th might have been 70's). Speaking of the 70's did anyone see Devil's Rain with William Shatner and John Travolta as a zombie?

80's rock though!!!!

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Hell Night was a Fav. of mine. Linda Blair was awesome...

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where has all the love gone ?,..in the 80's film makers loved thier low budget children,.the films that they created were made with genuine interest for both the movie and the fans who wanted to see them.,.. not alway original but definatly made by people who cared with both story and the fan base they were made for.,..can we please return to this ?,.don't misunderstand me i love jason,..freddy,.myers,.leatherface and the list goes on ,..but how about something new and innovative,not more remakes and sequels . for every friday the 13th there was a prom night or terror train,.for every halloween there was a april fools day or my bloodly valentine.,..let's not remake black christmas but instead give back to the fans the same thing they give to the industry.,..respect. remember WE are the people your making these films for,if you don't care why should we ?,..don't use horror fans to make a quick buck and move on ,..instead think of horror as a long term investment,..we'll still be here waiting for the good films made by those who care,..but not if the industry continues to treat us as only a way to make a quick dollar

Amen but I would substitute the '80s in your speech with the '70s which was the last golden age of horror (and film in general). The '80s, though there were many good films, for the most part only brought horror to the suburban teen multiplex audience and, thus, sold out its gritty roots to teen chase-and-chop formulas and emphasized cheap thrills over good stories, characterizations, etc. Nowadays, the dearth of good directors and writers on major projects only points to the lows that horror has sunk to.

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today's gore movies are awesome but nothing will ever compare to the simple kill you and be done with it horror of the 80's!

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Demons anyone? How about Army of Darkness?

Quintessential 80's chopper flick= Return of the Living Dead

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Plain and simple...The '80s was the best decade for horror movies! Being born in the mid 70s, I grew up on all 80s horror (as well as Hitchcock, the Universal monsters, and 70s horror). Not only were the movies great in the 80s but the TV shows rocked:

Friday the 13th: The Series - Fave 1A

Tales From the Darkside - Fave 1B


The Hitchhiker

Ray Bradbury Theater

Freddy's Nightmares

Nothing will ever come close to those days for me! From about the age of 10 on up, I would be up until 2 or 3 in the morning every Friday and Saturday night either watching horror movies or the series listed above. Ahhhh....the good ol' days!

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Just Before Dawn, The Island, Silent Scream. Anyone wlse remember others


This is a web site that list all of the 80's Horror movies.

You can also find all of the 70's horror movies. I had forgotten about a lot of them.

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all good movies i remember see most of them in the theaters the changeling the devil's rain, the legend of hell house. halloween friday the 13th scanners american werewolf in london food of the gods. joe

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all 80's slasher movies are awsome.


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