Early 80s Horror Movie

Early 80s Horror Movie

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Just Before Dawn, The Island, Silent Scream. Anyone wlse remember others

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mother's day was awsome, so was sleepaway camp

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does anyone remember "Shocker" That guy scared me when I was young, I didn't want to go near an outlet..

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Day of the Dead is my favorite 80's film.

Mostly because zombie films are simply a tireless classic. They are just campy enough to be funny, just gory enough to be gross, and usually have just enough of a sub plot to entertain. Slasher films have their place, but for me, they just don't add up the same. Slashers are a little one dimensional by comparison.

Half mindless yet real emotion beats simple minded insane misanthropic tendencies any day. Zombies have fear, anger, regret, and driving hunger. Slashers usually just have a driving desire to do mayhem.

And the "of the Dead" series of films is the A list.

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I LOVE Psychos in Love and SLUGS


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