20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)

20 Million Miles to Earth (1957)

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Who could ever forget the classic Ymir brought to Earth from the planet Venus that eventually grows to near-gargantuan size and wreaks havoc on innocent villagers and then the citizens of Rome.

The Ymir, in all its stop-motion glory, remains one of the most recognizable "Creatures" of the '50's horror genre.

Truely a classic of classics!

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I just picked up a big fat Harryhausen coffee table book that chronicles all of his work. It is a beautiful thing.

This thread should be giving more props to the man. CLASH OF THE TITANS. JASON ANDS THE ARGONAUTS any of the Sinbad movies and more...

I say you start a Harryhausen love/respect thread. If you don't I will.

20 Million Miles to Earth is a lot of fun!

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never seen 20 million miles to earth but clash of the titans and jason and the argonauts were great

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Nothing matches this movie! Ray harryhausens best work in b/w.

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