Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary

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I think Stephen Kings Pet Semetary was great. That movie was great. The sequel was okay. The first was the best. Little Gage calling his father telling him that he wants to play with him now because he has already played with Judd and Mommy. And when Church scared Lous and dropped the rat in his tub. Anyone else agree. Stephen King has great ideas.

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That movie scared the hell out of me when i was younger, Especially gage creed, I don't know what it is about dead kids that freaks me out.


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Gage creed was definetly creepy as hell !!!

I just could not stop laughing when gage fell backwards

and hit his head against the door !

I can't be the only one who thought that was funny !

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Heman Munster rules this movie!!!!


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no fair,no fair

i liked it

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This movie creeped me out like no other movie ever has. The cat...and then the kid. (Although I was a little sad and bothered by what happened to him). Not to mention the college guy that died while Dr. Creed was trying to save him after he was hit by a car. When he all of a sudden moves and starts talking, I almost jumped out of my seat! I love it when movies do that. I also enjoyed the "walking dream" when he woke up the next morning with mud on his feet. Classic!

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PET SEMETARY was a great movie.... How about when gage cut the achilles tendon of JUD CRANDALL (FRED GWYNNE) OUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JUD WAS RIGHT "SOMETIMES DEAD IS BETTER"


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I love this movie. I just finished reading the book too.


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I loved that movie. Fred Gwynn was great in it, and his Maine accent was to the T. Gage Creed was played brilliantly by Miko Hughes. He's 21 years old now, and still acts. He's made guest appearances on such shows as Boston Public, Roswell, and Baywatch.


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Yes, Pet Semetary is one of my all time favorites. Ive read the book a few times over..

I think that scary sister (Zelda?) was a really creepy addition to it. Just the whole idea of Pet Semetary was really good. The trips to the cemetary while he carried the bodies was always creepy too!


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I have read the book a few times as well. I think that the character of Norma Crandall from the book should have been in the movie.



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