Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary

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I think Stephen Kings Pet Semetary was great. That movie was great. The sequel was okay. The first was the best. Little Gage calling his father telling him that he wants to play with him now because he has already played with Judd and Mommy. And when Church scared Lous and dropped the rat in his tub. Anyone else agree. Stephen King has great ideas.

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Great movie!!! I would have to say that it does not do justice to the book though......

I would also agree that it was pretty funny when Gage fell down in the hallway...

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it's about time someone mentioned Zelda. She creeped me out so bad...still does. I saw this movie in a theatre at the tender age of 8 :-)

Oh could I forget about her??? Creepy!

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A good movie. The only one I've seen so for that had a child die in it and on top of that come back from the grave. The movie scary and disturbing at the same time. A toddler as the killer was very original. I think it some of the best work I've seen from Stephen King.

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i have always been a huge fan of stephen king pet semetary is one of my faves

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i agree pet cemtery is one of stephen kings best movies havent read the book though ... i know a book that he wrote i would like to see made to film is bag of bones i think that would make a good movie

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I did feel sad when Gage died of course. And really mad, because it almost happened once and his parents still didn't catch it. But I think it was a really good of a movie. We have a Island near by and every time I take a tour and pass by the pet cemetary, I think of this movie.

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Arguably the best Stephen King adaptation brought to the screen well, 1408 is pretty good too. The book was great, but the movie version blew me away! Little gage is adorable, heartbreakingly so when we know what's to befall him. Great acting, creepy effects, and a solid plot.

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Pet Cemetery is one of his greatest movies! I still have not seen 1408 it any good?

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I think it was great as well.

I showed it to my little sister (big mistake) and it scared the shit out of her.

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Yes I agree, an awesome movie. One part I remember is after church gets hit by the truck and they pull him off the lawn and hes stuck to it like velcro, so so nasty.


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