Pet Semetary

Pet Semetary

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I think Stephen Kings Pet Semetary was great. That movie was great. The sequel was okay. The first was the best. Little Gage calling his father telling him that he wants to play with him now because he has already played with Judd and Mommy. And when Church scared Lous and dropped the rat in his tub. Anyone else agree. Stephen King has great ideas.

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Gage was even freakier then the Children Of The Corn!!!! Greta film and that damn caChurch was also so cool, I mean scary

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This movie creeped me out like no other movie ever has. The cat...and then the kid. (Although I was a little sad and bothered by what happened to him). Not to mention the college guy that died while Dr. Creed was trying to save him after he was hit by a car. When he all of a sudden moves and starts talking, I almost jumped out of my seat! I love it when movies do that. I also enjoyed the "walking dream" when he woke up the next morning with mud on his feet. Classic!

I agree. I had nightmares about gray cats attacking me for weeks after this movie.

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the first one was scary as hell, the second one not so much. it was so creepy at the end when Gage came back from the dead, that was one creepy kid.

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i agree the first one is creapier but i prefer number 2 cuz its just shit loads of fun & its got more of the red stuff thrown about!

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Pet Semetary terrified me as a kid and still creeps me out to this day. Traumatizing to think of a cute furry cat as a ferocious zombie.. I still haven't seen the movie the entire way through without covering my eyes!

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I loved the movie as the little girl, I love cats so when I saw it I really wanted to bury my cats and make them come alive. lol I believe my cat wouldnt come back evil lol. But I watch it now and I still love it, Truly Gage so cute, some people would say he not scary because he just too cute, but truthfully now that I am a mom, that wold be scary cus if thats your son who about what 3? that would be so hard to kill himself even if you knew you HAD to, also him being just so darn cute like that makes it even more tough. now that i have a kid I cry everytime he gets hit by a truck and at the end lmfao. still a great movie. I even wanted to dress up him as Gage for halloween when he was his age but didn't get a chance! Maybe if i have a little boy again I can work it out.


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