New Friday the 13th movie

New Friday the 13th movie

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I was on the internet and found this artical that said there might be a new Friday the 13th movie with the diractor of Darkness Falls. From what I read it is pretty much a revamp with Jason killing camp conselers back at Camp Crystal Lake.

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My girlfriend told me about this too...

I'm worried.

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I will have to search on that one...I am a big Jason fan..I really did not care for darkness falls..I hope that is not true!!!

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I've read the same thing on a while back

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There's all kinds of rumors going around but apparantly it's been in the works for a while but they're having problems with it. First it started out as a prequel, then it turned to a sequel (which i'm guessing it'll be). When it get's in production/close to finishing, I'm sure you'll hear more about it in Fangoria, etc. I like Jason but to be honest, there's not much of a plot you can have to a Friday the 13th movie lol

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I heard they were just remastering it, not remaking it

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They need to just leave the great horror movies alone come up with something new damn!it will most likely be a bad remake so why bother!

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I can't wait to see this in Feb ( that is when it is scheduled to come out). I stars Jared Padalecki for any of you that might be fans of the TV show Supernatural. I saw the trailer for it when I went and saw Saw V (if that is the symbol for 5) lol!!! I was never good with roman numerals but that is besides the point. Anyways it looks like it might be ok for a remake that is.

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Hey There Horror Friends,

Just saw this tonight.. and still on the fence about it. Not sure what to make of it. The gratuitous sex scenes and boob flashes are in place (yes, I am a straight girl) but this is very reminiscent of the 1980 film, minus Kevin Bacon of course! I do love Bacon, but Jason cuttin' it to Footloose just doesn't cut it for me! (kidding)

My prob with this film (the new one) is that it starts to drag at parts. There are also some situations that never get explained and leave the audience feeling like, "what?" or "why?"

All in all, it was alright. I can't bash it but I can't give it stellar praise either.. we'll see what the rest of the fans think. I'm glad I saw it, I'd recommend it once, but I wouldn't pay to see it a second time.

Hope this helps!  =)

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i loved it. but i do agree one or both sex scenes could have been cut. nothing wrong with a flash here or their but dont get to carried away with it. used to be a rule of thumb the more tna you show the less story you have. but this is more like the old days and away from where the series had gotten to with the last 4. jason has always been a cols hearted killer with no remorse or even any emotion over his kills. i like the new jasons speed. the story did slow down part way through like it was 2movies in one. not bad.

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I liked the way they went back to the old camp and Jason's house made him a little more real than just an animal like man living in the woods. I guess it will be one of those movies you either love or hate.

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