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Everytime I go to convention they have this series titled Werewolf (1987) at the dealers table. I know next to nothing about it. Anyone seen it? And if so is it worth picking up?

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Yeah...the show was great. Great FX for t.v. at the time!

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Yeah I remember watching it as a kid, shit I didn't even know it was available anywhere. Is it on DVD?

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Legally? I have no clue. but...

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Love a good werewolf tale...I should check it out.

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can you buy it online

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I loved the commercials for this: Black screen with white text...

"You're all alone in the house, when suddenly, you hear a noise. Is it the cat? A dog? How do you know it wasn't... a werewolf?" that's it. had no clue it was for a TV show until a lot later when FOX started the show. They also did one, again completely black screen, with the sounds of a family eating together and mundane gossip until someone mentions something weird that related to werewolves, then it was over. None of the ads mentioned a TV series. it was kinda freaky.

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I was kinda born the year it was out...so no dice for me seeing it. lol

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Was WereWolf Pre or Post 21 Jumpstreet??

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Wasn't this the show that used to come on USA where the main character was really a good guy that fought bad guys? Sorta like if Walker, Texas Ranger got bit by a werewolf? When the moon came out from behind the clouds a pentagram would appear on the guys hand and start bleeding and he'd freak out and totally rip the bad guys to shreds... Man, I loved that show! The werefwolf just LOOKED badass, too!

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I loved this series on tv also liked another one called MANimal which came out before Werewolf(he could turn into like 3 or four different animals a panther, a hawk and I can't think of the others). Is there a Legal version on the complete series on DVD?


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