Any one ever watch freaky links

Any one ever watch freaky links

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i think i only had like one season but it was a really good show.

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Ah, i miss this show, and how it tied to the website.

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Sadly, I only caught a few episodes. Liked what they we're doing though. In many cases the show was groundbreaking in it's internet tie-ins, which now have become commonplace, with shows like "LOST", "Prison Break", and "Supernatural" leading the charge with interactive features.

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You'll never see this again on Fox. I don't think the evangelical extremists in charge would allow it. Horror/fantasy is the devil. The internet is the devil. It's because of the children, you see....

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I loved this show when I first saw it. The very first episode was even a little scary, but the series wasn't very consistent and I lost interest after awhile. It's too bad, it could have been pretty cool. But then again it was on Fox, which cancels shows even when there is a large audience, you know like Firefly or Family Guy, or like 2 dozen other shows in the last 5 years.

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I thought it was really picking up steam, story-wise, and then they go and cancel it!

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Saw all episodes. Such a same it went.

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Excellent show, solid "monster of the weeke" stories, but with a nice thread to tie all the episodes together. Too bad it left too soon.

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That's a great show, I wanted it on DVD but I can't find it. Saw it on Ebay once, though.. Picked up some old fox show called Fastlane. Kickass.

But I'd really like to get FEAR MTV and Freakylinks.

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This was a really good show, very creative.

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