Dark Shadows

Dark Shadows

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I remember watching reruns of this as a kid with my mom. Such a cool idea. I'm amazed with the goth culture and the popularity of Anne Rice (before she took her Jesus LSD) that someone hasn't tried this again. I'd imagine Angel was the closest to it because it actually tried to be serious and dark, but it's still not a soap opera with ongoing plots.

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i remember in school all the girls always talking about something, when i asked and saw the show i was hooked i loved it and also have the dvd's. someone should do a remake.

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loved the show when I was in grade school. And yes, I wish they would do a remake of it. I saw a old one the other day and it was so foggy it was hard to see it. It should be updated, if someone wants to make a million.

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i kinda got into it but it was way to slow for my taste

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this was another great show

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With the recent death of Jonathan Frid another link to the days of my youth has been severed. Dark Shadows is and was always my favorite television show of all time. 

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I was expecting something a little more serious. The movie seems to be mostly parody. And don't we have enough horror parodies already?


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I think that allot of those who grew up watching the original Dark Shadows are thinking this looks a little bit too lighthearted and comedic,  I was born in 80 so I do not have any attachment to the real Dark Shadows, but I have been watching the original episodes recently and it is very good!  If nothing else, at least this Dark Shadows resurgance will bring allot of interest to a new audience to go back and watch the Original!

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lol do Catholic priest make good baby sitters .....lmao


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