Tales from the Darkside / from the Crypt etc

Tales from the Darkside / from the Crypt etc

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Anyone remember Tales from the Darkside? Or Monsters? Why haven't we seen a show like Tales from the Crypt since Tales from the Crypt? Would it still work, or do we need an ongoing plot these days?

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I would watch tales from the darks side every Saturday befor we got cable-then I watched from the crypt when it started coming on. Both were great and, should make a come back

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Both were great shows! Like the other posters stated, the intro (voice over) scared the shit out of me! LOL

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still scares me

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I missed the Tales from the Crypt episodes so much I went out and bought all the past seasons... they bring back a lot of memories =)

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I am lucky enough to own every episode of both of these series; I bought a bootleg copy of Tales from the Darkside on E-Bay and every volume of Tales from the Crypt off Amazon.com. Both are great shows and worthy of checking out if you've never seen them before!

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Tales from the Crypt was more funny than creepy. I loved Tales from the Darkside. I was happy about SCIFI playing reruns.

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i miss monsters!! i'm glad that other people remember it!!!

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all three of those shows were great. i didn't know they were still playing on he scifi channel on monday nights though. i gues i need to start staying up to watch it. tales rom the darkside use to scare the crap out of me each week.

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All three shows were great but I miss Monsters and Tales from the Crypt. I loved watching them. I could not wait for the shows to come on. I would stay up on the weekends to watch them. They were the best.

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I used to love watching Tales from the Crypt. That little guy used to crack me up.


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