What do you think of todays Mtv?

What do you think of todays Mtv?

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I'm sick & tired of watching all these rich kids on tv!

Someone please just shoot them. I don't care about their lives! I've got my own life to worry about!!

What do you think?

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It is not MTV it is real world t.v. no videos either maybe they should change there name to Real World Crapola T.v. I dont care anyway All I used to watch was headbangers ball and 120 minutes when it was good. The rest was crap.

except for Beavis and Butthead of course!

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MTV sucks today. There is no music what so ever. All there is are lame ass reality tv shows about fags from california.

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sucks, i grew up with videos and the occasional game show. NOTHING like i remember it to be. At least MTV2 has Headbangers Ball still, the only time i turn on any music station.


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I loved M.t.v and watched it all the time when it first started, but now, I don't allow myself to watch any of it.Ever. VH1 has even started to suck. I don't want to watch the stupid reality shit. Now when I want to watch videos I go to the internet. Or pop in one of my videos.


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MTV sucks today. There is no music what so ever. All there is are lame ass reality tv shows about fags from california.

that is funny ha! ha!

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It stinks, I don't watch MTV that much any more except for Headbangers Ball and the Reruns of Beavis and Butthead


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I didn't watch it when it first started because I was just too young. Thru the years now it has decline so, that it has become a sad excuse. My brother of age 33 agrees with me on this.

For a brief while I was putting up with VH1-especially during Metal Month a while ago and the Rock Honors. I didn't mind "I Love the 60/70/80/90's" either, or "Best Week Ever" for that matter.

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MTV should be renamed corny reality shows channel.

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I don't mind watching RW or RR but Mtv has definitely shyed away from what got them on the map which is music. The only time they really show videos is during the late night hours and wee hours of the morning. Now, I love reality tv but for some reason most of the shows on Mtv don't really catch my attention. I actually don't watch too much Mtv anymore.


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