Children of Bodom

Children of Bodom

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another one of my fav metal bands. anyone heard/like/love/hate them?

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I don't like them, very over-rated band....

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ooooh yes cob rule i saw em live n gtthe shirt n hate me has the catchyest riff ever i doo like em

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i like bodom..

the way the keyboardist plays his keyboard is interesting

see them live or watch a music video then you will know what i am talking about

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COBHC For Life

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there alright

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there alright

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Children of Bodom is pretty beast, Cannibal Corpse is more my squeeze.

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I'd never heard these guys til they were with Slayer last summer. I missed most of their set (I was only there for Slayer) but what I heard sounded kinda like a little girl being tortured to loud grinding shop tools against a metal fence. Not my bag, baby.

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Oh, by the way ... real metal doesnt have keyboards. Just another observation


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