My Dying Bride

My Dying Bride

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Turn Loose the Swans.. go listen now!!!!!

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Listen to more then just Turn Loose the Swans!!!

Angel and the Dark River, Like Gods of the Sun, Songs of Darkness, Words of Light, The Dreadful Hours...

Hell even their very new release A Line of Deathless Kings is great...

I prefer everything they did with Martin Powell on violinkeyboards so this would be Turn Loose the Swans, Angel and the Dark River(find me a better clean vocal doom cd then this) and Like Gods of the Sun......

As a matter of fact, the violin part in the middle of the A Sea to Suffer In might be the one of the most mournful sounds I have heard by a band.

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yea there alright

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any idea if their gonna come across the pond anytime soon?

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The Light at the End of the World is one of my favorite cds.

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First one I heard was Dreadful Hours thats where my heart lies but i like everything they did.

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there alright

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i used to love My Dying Bride though i don't listen to metal much anymore... Trinity is one of the best albums every made in my opinion though

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their ok!!

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they rock

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