Your favorite music videos!

Your favorite music videos!

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What music videos do you dig?? List some! Here's some of mine:

Clint Eastwood by the Gorillaz

Ass like dat by Eminem

Makedamnsure by taking back sunday

Big me by the Foo fighters

Paranoid android by Radiohead

Liar by the Rollins band

One by Metallica

to name a few! your turn!!


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ac/dc- shake your foundation

ac/dc- you shook me all night long

quiet riot- metal health

white snake- here i go again

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"Warhead"- Otep

"Mein Teil"- Rammstein

and hundreds more.

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Peeping Tom- Mojo..... danny devito is in it

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krokus-screaming in the night

kim wilde- kids in america

heaven's on fire-kiss

Phantom of the opera- andrew lyod webber

that is just a few too many to metion. I like a variety of music.

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ah...I'm such a music freak...there's so many to choose from...but for the moment, I'm favoring Dir En Grey's "Saku" video...shivers...simply org@$mic...

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wow...i figured their was more music video lovers out there...but then again, the music channels hardly ever play them anymore...LOL


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Nirvana- Heart Shaped Box

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Linkin Park-Points of authority


Gorrilaz-Feel Good Inc.

Chevelle-Vitamin R

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Metallica- One

That's a kick ass video.

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yeah it is!! i just found out that real movie it was based on!!(yeah, i'm slow LOL)



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