Psychopathic Records

Psychopathic Records

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Anyone Like The Artists?

No One Really Seems To.

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I like some of the stuff on psycopathic.

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Hell yeah!

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Juggalo 4 life !!!!!!

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ya! wicked clowns

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i have been down with the insane clown posse since i was 12. i love there muzic and i am a fellow michigander.any juggalos and juggalettes that want to chat im down with the clown and here if you need some one to chat 2 or just need some clown love. i got all your backs.much clown love ,your fellow juggalo. psychofreek.

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much clown love to any and all juggalos and juggalettes. psychofreek.

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Ive been a juggalo for years, i just joined fearnet a week ago and just found out that there were juggalos here that is the coolest thing ever. This site was made for the psychopathic family.

mass murder makes me happy.

dead bodies make me happy.

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hellz yea


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Fuck yes! Im wearing an ICP shirt right fuckin now!

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I wasn't aware there was any other type of music! I don't own a radio and my computer burns everything without the hatchetman in a pile behind the house. MMFWCL


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