Death Metal

Death Metal

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Okay, so what do you consider true Metal and what is considered blasphemy in your eyes?

My thoughts, Cannibal Corpse, Love em! Dimmu Borgir, Devil Driver, Mushroom Head, Demon Hunter.

Blasphemy? To me is saying that Marilyn Mansion is hardcore will get a whippin', saying that hair glam rock from the eighties is metal, though some of it is great stuff, please I ask people kindly... do not compare Slaughter to King Diamond.

What do you listen to and what do you consider Metal?

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My opinion of Death metal is Cannibal Corpse, Suicide silence, Slayer, The Red Chord, Lamb of God, Rammstein, Exodus, Testament, Machine Head, Gojira, and a good bit of others i cant remember right now.


And just for the record, I know I'll catch some shit for this but fuck ac/dc and metallica, and especially dragonforce, all of them are incredibly overrated and fuckin suck

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Okay, Count Stabula.  First off, the only death metal band you listed up there is Cannibal Corpse.

Suicide Silence is the most god-awful band I've ever heard in a long time.  If you had to catagorize them, I would say deathcore, but certainly not straight up death metal.

The rest of them fall into whatever category, looks like mostly some variation of thrash metal, Gojira coming the closest, they certainly have death metal influences and I like them a lot.

As far as what I consider death metal.  Aeon, Hate Eternal, Bloodbath, Origin, Necrophagist, Amon Amarth, Aborted, Deicide, Morbid Angel, Dark Tranquility, Nox, Nile, Suffocation, Vital Remains, Severe Torture, etc.

As for what is and isn't metal?  I don't know that answer.  I think we have to suck it up and admit that 80s hair metal is metal.  Just because it was bad doesn't make it un-metal.

Comparing Slaughter to King Diamond is stupid.  But, how do you compare Opeth to...say...Dark Funeral?  How do you compare Lamb of God to Moonspell?  How do you compare V:28 to Gojira?

My point is there are A LOT of metal styles, and each of them have their signature characteristics.  We all have our preferences and our dislikes, but beyond that, its difficult to compare Hate Eternal to Mastodon.

In heaviness and speed, Hate Eternal wins hands down.  In melody and varying styles, Mastodon is the clear winner.  So which is the better band?  Personally, I like both of them, I think both bands are insanely talented, dedicated to bettering their chosen craft, and need to be looked up to by young up-and-comers, so it all comes down to what kind of mood I'm in when I'm picking out something to listen to. 

Anywayz, rant over.

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This thread almost made me vomit. Does the topic not say "Death Metal?" The majority of bullshit I saw listed here was nowhere close to Death Metal. You want real Death Metal? Funebrarum, Decrepitaph, Cemetery Urn, Aeon, Incantation, Decrepit Birth, Deeds of Flesh and Immolation. That is Death Metal. Mushroomhead is industialish Nu-Metal.Pantera is Southern Metal with Thrash Influences.Mastodon is Sludgy Progressive Metal.Suicide Silence is Deathcore (and possibly the worst band in existence).Dimmu Borgir is Symphonic Black Metal.Slayer is Thrash Metal.Devildriver is Nu-Metal with Death Metal Influences.Eyehategod is Sludge Metal.Cradle of Filth is Extreme Metal/Symphonic Nu-Black-Metal.AC/DC is Blues influenced Heavy Metal.Pretty much anything BLOODMASTER3000 said is not Death Metal.Lamb of God is Nu-Metal gone bad.Rammstein is Industrial Metal.Exodus and Testament are Thrash Metal.You all could do with some REAL Metal in you life. So, other than the bands I mentioned at the top of this Reply.Other Real Death Metal Bands:ObituaryDeath (of course)DeicideSevered SaviorGorgutsSuffocationTHAT IS METAL. LIKE IT OR FUCK OFF!

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is it me or is "nu-metal gone bad" a little redundant? I'm no metal snob but Disturbed deserves to be on no lists but shit lists.

big thanks to blasphembodied for finally mentioning Death, Obituary and Deicide in the right context.

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By "Nu-Metal Gone Bad," I mean that they have pushed the bounderies of horrible music even further into the unlistenable.

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@Soul Cancer: Actually I beat blasphembodied to the Deicide punch as far as listing them as death metal, but it's all good, we agree that Suicide Silence is crap.

As far as new death metal that actually kicks ass.

Aeon, Yyrkoon, Aborted, Severe Torture, Hate Eternal, Origin (probably my favorite death metal band, hailing from middle of god damn nowhere Topeka, Kansas), Destroyer 666, Nox, Bloodbath (fucking kills!), Nile, Obscura, and Krisiun.

Oh, and Lamb of God is not nu-metal.  Lump them into metalcore if you so desire, and definitely burn their latest albums starting with Sacrament. 

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was dying fetus mentioned? 

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We're ROOKS, a band from a Chicago suburb.  Our favorite metal band and biggest influence is Meshuggah.  If you're a fan of them, feel free to check us out on our myspace page...we have our EP in full up there for a limited time only.  Add us as a friend and let us know what you think :)

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death metal is not all this happy riffing and jumping around mosh parts and deathcore want real death metal check out Immolation, Autopsy, Morbid Angel, just to name a few and also a band I managed called Necrodemon


chris forbes



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Suicide Silence represents metal music well and they are awesome! Not too mention there new album "The Black Crown" which has just arrived and I just got it on iTunes... It's amazing!!! You must check it out!!





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