Creepshow (1982)

Creepshow (1982)

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Remember the roaches coming out of E.G. Marshall?

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Creepshow is great...My fav. is the black substance in the water of the lake and then at the end the kid swims to shore thinks hes safe and then the thing like typhoons on him

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i like fav story is the 1 with adrian barbo

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I love Creepshow. It is a great movie. The story with Stephen King turning into the plant was funny as hell.

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this one a freaking classic!!! nobody does it like Savini,and Romero especially back in this time in the 80's!!!!

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hey hollywood!!!!!! please stop remaking classic's!!!!like Creepshow!!!!! just fucking STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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great movie

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I would like to see this played on Fear on demand.

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Creep Show is fine the way it is they need to get more ideas and come out with a 3rd one if anything.

You know, someone ought to talk to Rob Zombie and tell him to abandon the Halloween remake and to make Creepshow 3 instead. Imagine Zombie's twist on that...

That's an excellent idea if I say so myself.

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Hear hear for Creepshow on demand!! I loved the 1st one, was ehh on the 2nd. I really like all of the stories in the first one, it's hard to pick my fav but in a pinch I think I'll go with The Crate. I LOVED the creature but I also thought it was hilarious how henry would fantazise about killing Billie as she was degrading him so much. Does anyone else feel bad for the dumbass hick (S King) when he turns into a pile of weeds? LOL Great movie. I have high hopes for any remake ... I def dont support one though. Are they new stories?

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whoa ... posted that twice. Thank goodness for edit!


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