Abominable (2006)

Abominable (2006)

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This has gotten some good reviews for some reason, but when I saw it on Sci Fi Channel I thought it was a snooze. "Rear Window" meets Bigfoot. Whatever.

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I saw this movie at a horror movie convention in New Jersey last year. There were about 60 of us when the movie started. When it ended there were 5 of us, me, my wife, the projectionist, and two girls who were giggling at the Bigfoot costume. I thought this film was awful, however, I was really surprised at all the great reviews I've been reading about it. I thought maybe I missed something and rented the DVD and watched it again, and I have to say, it still sucked! What the hell are people seeing that I am not Well, all I can say is that I have no intention of wasting more time or money on this film. For those of you who see something in this film that I do not, more power to you , however, I'm moving on

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they had a good cast of actors weak story cheesy ass monster still quite of bit action and I thought the heroine was very cute

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Regardless of the mixed reviews I enjoyed this movie. I thought it had a decent cast and I enjoyed the head bitting scene and the stomping on the stomach and the girls insides popping out scenes. The storyline was a bit week, but for so few movies being created in this genre of Big Foot I believe it was comical if nothing else. The costume was better then a computer generated monster and made for a laugh or two.

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what does it take to get a good movie about a "supposed " real creature when you have so much to work with ?,..hudreds of sitings ,dozens of legends and still the best they can do is waste film on this kind of crap!

did somebody actually get paid for this ?,..have they NO shame ?

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Kudos mohawk 255

I'm glad I am not the only one who liked this film. Sure its

not a work of art, but its just plain big foot fun and fantasy. Had me laughing all the way through, actually one of the best endings in a movie.

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I really liked this movie. Classic monster fun. It was unfortunate that they couldn't hide the seams in the monster suit a little better.. but good fun. Good story, good acting, good effects... everything low budget horror should be.


Wasn't that damn bad...seen a hell of alot worse. Campy late night monster flick.

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Missed this one will have to rent it and give a look see!

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well said draculas hand

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i dont know aboyt most of you guys but it was very good and lin shayn the mom from dead end and grandma from 2001Maniacs had something to do with this movie


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