8 Films to Die For

8 Films to Die For

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Really enjoying the 'old school' advertising technique for these films. Some of 'em might even be pretty good.

Here's the link for individual film trailers.


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I am totally goin! Hold me a seat!

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I may end up going with a couple friends on friday, get a room (the closest theatre to me is about 45 minutes away and I don't feel like driving back and forth for two days...plus this way I can get nice and hammered.) hit the bar until 6, go see the first three movies, go back to the bar, crash in the hotel room sometime after two, wake up and repeat for saturday. Just gotta see if I can swing the cash issue...

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those actually look pretty good. i dont think they had any of these out near me

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I am looking forward to The Gravedancers, The Abandoned, and Reincarnation.

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Oo0o0oh yea!! Can't wait to see it!!

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Most of these things look great. I am lucky that the bunch are playing like 8 miles from my house. When I first saw the commercial I thought that it was going to be like buy a pass for one price to see all of them. Boy was I bummed out.

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those actually look pretty good. i dont think they had any of these out near me

The website is a little goofy but they do have a listing of the participating theaters by state.

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