Motel Hell (1980)

Motel Hell (1980)

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Gimmie a fritter! "this red's too heavy, I gotta find a place to crash"

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must agree with blood dragoness

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i haven't seen it, but i hear it's bad... is that right? can someone gimmi a real review on it. i don't want to trust my parents point of view.

i also don't have the time to look for a real comment on the movie that my short attention span can translate into a report.

so, please type well. not all capitalized, no funny words, i just want to know what it's about and if it's worth watching.

real meaning not "it's great" "it sucks"

i want to know what it's about so i can think if it's even worth it.

i always read the back of the movie box before i watch it.


Okay here is the movie in a nutshell. Old grandpa guy and his sister plant people in the garden and use them to make meat. Old grandpa guy is really sweet so you can't be really mad at him for killing the people. Now the ugly sister lady, you should have no sympathy for. I think its worth a movie rental. It has been on digital cable in my area at least 5 times this past month. Maybe you can catch it for free. I would give it a 7 out 10. It is not as scary as it is funny.

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I agree with someone who said it was 1980's cheese... But I think it is worth a watch... You will get a good laugh...

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Motel is classic 80's cheese. It is just a fun bad movie. Definitely worth a watch on a rainy day.

i completely agree... its one of those movie you just sit there and laugh at and can't believe you are watching AGAIN

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been awhile since ive seen it, but isnt that themovie they plant the people in the garden? if so i remeber it being a pretty funny movie

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Absolute classic! And how about Cliff Claven as the pot smoking, soon to be veal musician?

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one weird funny ass movie.

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I saw this movie and It wasn't good at all.

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BAD acting, but what a plot! A classic!

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of course its a really really bad movie and of course thats what makes it one of my favorite "midnite madness" movies....its also why i quoted it for my profile...." meats meat and a mans gotta eat!!" if that dosen't say it all i don't know what would!! love it


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