Ice Cream Man (1995)

Ice Cream Man (1995)

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i've been in love with this movie since it came out.

lots of laughs. clint howard is the man. and naming that one kid tuna was so choice. classic horror cheese at its finest.

what do you think?

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I thought is was poorly made and purposely gross.

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Hey! IceCream Man-Great movie! I just recently bought it on dvd after not seeing it for years! Clint is Awsome! EVILSPEAK baby!

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This movie was okay, but the part when they showed the ice cream was gross.

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Wow,finding this forum brought me back! I can't believe I forgot about that, it was such a trippy movie and Clint was great. Turning such an innocent concept such as an ice cream truck and the creepy ice cream man who drives it into a gross scary movie is awesome. I think I'm going to run across the street right now and rent it, that's good watchin!

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This movie was so so not that bad just ok

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this is seriously one of my favorite horror movies ever! clint howard is the man.

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this movie was alright

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great movie

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Funny and creepy and pretty entertaining.

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ok but not horror guy's


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