American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) (video)

American Psycho II: All American Girl (2002) (video)

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This movie was god awful. I sat back and watched as Jacky from That Seventies Show killed people. Really believable......Not!

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I saw this before i saw the original. It seemed good. but to the one who said it was aweful to watch as Jackie from That 70's Show killed people. for me, i had to watch Batman kill people. I dont know. It was a decent movie. not worth all the bull its getting.

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what a aweful piece of shit that bitch should be ashamed of herself for being a dumb bitch who thinks she knows psycho please how pathetic the only reason they made that movie is because people want money

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This movie actually surpassed my expectations for it. The lead actress in my opinion played her part to perfection. Not nearly as good as American Psycho, which of course was nowhere near as good as the book by B.E. Ellis, but surprisingly well done for a derivative of a derivitive. There were occasional spots of humor. Though it must be kept in mind that this movie is basically a vehicle for Mila Kunis.

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yea i would say part 1 was a lot better then this one but you have to admit mila kunis is hella fine

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a disgrace to the great original film

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it was alright

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This movie was bad, please don't make excuses for it. It was jsut terrible. It offers very little to the world of horror and is a giant dissapointment to anyone who rents it thinking that it's not a straight to DVD movie. Mila Kunis is not bad in her role, but the film just doesn't have enough substance.

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this movie is cool

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I really enjoyed the first one it was much better!!




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