nightmare on elm street

nightmare on elm street

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The original nightmare on elm street movies 1,2,3, maybe a couple more were the best as the series of movies continued they got dumber and dumber just like hellraiser. but hellraiser only had 2 good movies the others were just odd and the first one was a classic.

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I hated part 2.......anyone else?

One of he bad ones along with 5. The first, 3rd, Freddy's Dead, and New Nightmare were good. 4 was ok.

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The first and new nightmare were great, freddy vs jason was good, but the rest were full of ok deaths, corny deaths, and bad plots.

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The very first movie was good, but the rest sucked.

Have to disagree with you on this, While the first one was pretty good i thought the second one was better, Just an overall darker vibe to it, Some of them did get stupid like dream warriors, But i thought the fourth and fifth ones were decent.

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I seem to disagree a lot with people here.

Pt. 1 can still scare me fucking senseless. A classic horor film, especially since I was a child when it came out. Dark, humorless freddy, kill for all is worth.

Pt. 2 did not have Heather and lost it's momentum real fast. Although, it wasn't that bad.

Pt. 3 revived the series I think. This is the best next to the first. Also, this is where Freddy reveales a sarcastic sinister humor side to him. Welcome to prime time bitch!

Pt. 4 + 5 is when Alice is introduced so it took on a different role. I honestly think they pulled it off with pt. 4 but the fifth wasn't so great at all.

Freddy's dead was sort of a "just to continue the series". nothing great by any means.

Final Nightmare- hmmm. I like this one. I love have Nancy was brought back and love how dark Freddy was again. Not the best but a good thriller.

FvsJ- Two great villans from the 80's. The biggest next to Micheal. I don't know if it lived up to what it was suppose to be for the many years of rumors and production and shit. Plus the fact that Jason X came out after a movie that ends with freddy's glove bringing down the hockey mask. But nonetheless, enjoyed.

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I hated part 2.......anyone else?

The second Freddy sucked. I did not like that one at all. The first was the best, third one was good to, the rest were okay.

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it was just the same with the Friday the 13 series they were dark then they got goofy after ever sequel more and more goofy every sequel!

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i love freddy movies no matter how stupid they get!freddy is and always will be the best!

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I liked the dark mood to the first two films. After that, the series simply deteriorated into stupid one-liners for Freddy.

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Unfortunately, it looks like the writers were paid in advance to make sequels but ran out of ideas!

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The very first movie was good, but the rest sucked.


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