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one of the all time classics in my case anyway

tell me what u think

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I think you have to watch this movie more than once to see how good it is.

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great movie

Kind of grows on you after a couple of viewings doesn't it!

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I LOVE THIS MOVIE!! I have it in my collection.The GORGEUOS GUY who plays the Vampire-Miles "O Keefe WOW!! HE'S A HOTTIE!! It's worth the rental just to see him!! He was in another movie with Kim Delaney,anyone remember it?? A very sexy one!!

This is one of my favs because of the storyline and because I look like Miles O'Keefe in real life....

Plus, I've always thought Deborah Foreman as a cutie and to see her orgasm from whipping, threw me over the edge...yeah, baby, do it....

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Oh man i remember that movie i loved it.i want to buy it but i cant find it

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This is one of my "guilty pleasures" favorites! it's kind of tacky in a lot of ways, and has a very quirky sense of humor. Loved the vampire scenes (kinda sexy, kinda hokey) and the whole Marquis de Sade thing, especially that the prim little gal ended up being so- enthusiastic about him, only to be thwarted by the young heroic type swooping in and "rescuing" her! Doh!

A lot of fun!

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Even though this is an old movie, I just saw it and thought it was funny, crazy and sexy.  The vampire was cute BUT I really loved the Marquis de Sade guy.  Why was I wishing I was in HER place???  Also LOVED watching him sword fight!  VERY HOT.  Still trying to figure out though why he had an English accent??  Who cares....  still hot. 


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