Last House on the Left (1972)

Last House on the Left (1972)

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This is one of the most rediculios movies i have everseen two girls are on there way to some concert and they want to buy some drugs but get tricked and are raped against there will twice buy a bunch of retards. get killed after a stupid chase scene and the police man are as dumb as hell. the killers take refuge at a house of one of the victims shortly the parents find out they are the killers and find their daughters body with no help which is uncommon. and they set a bunch of traps like its the movie home alone. its atrue story and the guy who made the movie is a great producer wes craven. this is his worst movie yet

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I thought this movie wasn't so good!

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i loved the piss yourself seen tasty

Cheapest and easiest F/X effect in the world to rig.

"Because it was her real piss." Wes said so in a documentary on the extras of the uncut dvd version

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i liked this movie

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This movie really explores the idea of "Can good people do bad things." If you knew one of your family members was brutally killed by some hardened criminals in your posession, what would you do?

I found this film to be very disturbing and brutal. Not in a sense of the graphic violence we see today in films, but in an all out more horrifically realistic way. The scenes with Crug and the others torturing the two girls was sick and twisted.

You have to look at the times and budget for this movie. It will not be a hollywood 5mil budgeted film. Craven really explores the sick and twisted subconscious of the criminal mind. What is so terrifying to me is that some people have done things like that to other human beings in real life.

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I would have to agree with all of you who believe this movie to be a cult classic. Seeing the uncut version is a MUST! You have to keep in mind the budget allowed for the film (90,000) and the times (early 70's) it was too much for that audience - i even heard of people throwing up, passing out, or running to the projection booth to cut up the film!!! It isn't a horror film in the sense of hack and slash, but definately disturbing, and one for the ages!

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the realism made it a great movie to me. made me want to take a shower after i saw it,its that nasty

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Id say one of the few movies that actually made me flinch.....just a little!

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not a fan of exploitation films but it gets the point across just like i spit on your grave and the house on the edge of the park. funny that david hess is in 2 of theses movies

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It has been a long time since I have seen this movie. Remember liking it.

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I kinda liked this movie. Yes it wasent what I would call a Horror movie But it freaked me out that yes something like this could happen


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