Killer Klowns from Oouter Space

Killer Klowns from Oouter Space

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One of my favorite Cheese movies!!!

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Freddy Krueger's picture

Mutha Fackin classic

Well said, well spoken!

Killer Klowns, now that's a nightmare!!!

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always wondered why some people have phobias with clowns now i know

408steve's picture

great movie

JuLeeeX84's picture

defintely a great cheesey clown horror movie...used to watch it all the time as a kid and jus saw it not to long ago and loved it

Tombtaylor's picture

Goof flick still lot of fun scarred the crap out of my son a few years ago!

SheriMoonLover's picture

So corny... but yet, so worth while... I must admit, I do have this one in my collection.

Macheath's picture

A film that features one of the best soundtracks, courtesy of The Dickies. Gotta love "Entrance of the Gladiators" thrashed out on guitar.

SLou's picture

I like this one, it was a good cheesy film. I have this one in my collection.

Gdawg90's picture

this movie was scary.............. When i was six. its probly one of theworst movies i have ever seen

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just like the demonic toys man fuckin retarted burn this shit its a fuckin discrase 2 all horror movies


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