Unrest (2006)

Unrest (2006)

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If it was possible to give this movie a negative score, I would. Not only was it by far the WORST film at Horrorfest, it's the worst movie I've seen in YEARS!! It made me do something I have never, ever done before...when the credits started to roll, I stood up and BOOED! I booed till my lungs hurt. UNREST is just a mess from the very first frame (why on earth would they have a mirror in a mental patient's room!??!?!) . Logic-free, gore-free, suspense-free, point-free...the scariest thing here is how much the heroine looks like Britany Spears.

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Not as good as the other two that I seen, but I would watch it again if it ever happens to be on cable.

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I didnt really like this movie. I mean it started out like it might be ok, then just got really boring. I thought cut up bodies was pretty cool,but that's about it.

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does anyone know for sure if they used real human bodies for this movie?

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I enjoyed the movie. I thoughht that it was great that they used real kadavers for the first time in a movie. I thought it was suspenceful and exciting. And the aztec cure was the toper off of the movie!

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This film was slightly disappointing but I still found it enjoyable in some places but they could have worked on the plot a bit more. I thought it had good potential in some spots but it left me wanting and I hate that when it happens.

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The chick was hot but she was the only good thing in the movie.

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I liked this one. Out of all the ones i have seen so far i think this one is the best. I dont expect much from these films. I thought it was entertaining. The worst one i have seen so far is the japanese one i dont even remmber what it is called

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This movie sucked. someone also mentioned Dark Ride too. I rented both of these movies awhile back. Dark Ride was the better of the two. Both were crappy.

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If they used real cadavers like rumored they did a disservice to the dead this movie sucked royaly!

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Yes it was definately a disservice, not only to the departed but to the viewers.


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