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I have to say that I was really disappointed with Hostel. For some reason, I was expecting more. There were a lot of good things about the movie, but a lot that needed fixed. Everything was just too easy. Now I see that they are working on Hostel II. I hope they do a better job. Let me hear from you guys.....and girls. Was I wrong in my assessment of Hostel?

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One of the worst horror movies of the year. Sorry.

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i was prepared to be scared by this movie

and instead i was confused. i had to double

check the dvd because i thought i had got some

twisted porno. i hope hostel II is more about

fear and less about sex

Me Too!!! I thought I rented the wrong the took too long for the plot to develop!

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Honestly I liked Hostel but I was dissapointed b/c it was so hyped up to me. People everywhere were talking about how it was so violent & horrific that it should be banned and then I even heard tons of people claim that it was so gory they had to leave the theater. I'm guessing they weren't big horror fans though because I've seen plenty of horror movies that had twice the blood, gore, violence then Hostel did. I did like it but I just think there could've been more death scenes w/ more detail.

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I thought it was boringgggggggggg.

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I think Hostel was excellent in gore.

It did take too long for the plot to develop

& the nude scenes...ugh!

But hey, I can take it

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awful, awful, awful from start to finish. It's not often that I completely hate a movie, I can usually find something. But not this one. First half, pure soft-core. And I've stayed in a hostel. I can tell you that sort of thing did NOT go on. Second half, gorefest. And not even a well-done gorefest from a technical view. The drill scene, where they did the close-ups? I'm sorry, spend some money for decent fx so it's not so blatantly obvious that it's a fake.

Total waste of time and money for me.

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I would have to disagree> if it makes me a conformist or not, i have to. To watch the movie and know your horror movie history is an astonishing thing. For instance it has a parallel story line to that of the wicker man (original of course). In wicker, the hunter was revealed to being the hunted. In histel, at first they made fun of the girls and paid money to do whatever they wanted to them. At the end they were the metaphorical girls being pawned off to do anything with. The scene where josh is looking throguh all the doors of the brothel is an allegory to that of when jay hernandez's character is being dragged through the halls of the warehouse. He looks through the doorframes at all the horrible thngs happening, its a demonic parallel to that f when josh is looking in the bordello.

Also, the song playing during the sex scene with the slovakian chicks is a very similar song to that of the 'temptation song' in wickerman. understanding and finding the subtle clues and references makes watching a horror film like that so much more enjoyable.

Roth is a very intelligent and dedicated filmmaker. In my opinion of course. He does his writing very well and references sublty but enough to convey what hes trying to say. but you have to understand and know your hisory in film to get the messages.

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it was bland and not very good. but if your comparing hype with this or spider man 3, this is better, spider man 3 was too damn over rated and sucked mager ass.

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Overated is an understament,why did they make a part 2?

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Hostel had a very predictable plot line. There was nothing scary about this movie. I did like the gore, it was just to hard to beleive that adults backpacking through Europe could be that stupid. I liked the torture it was more believeable than the rest of the movie.


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